Sunday, November 23, 2008

Hotmail Featured Offer

One interesting option to use email marketing is using Hotmail Featured Offer. The program offers you opportunity to send email to hotmail subscribers who opt-in to receive special offers from third parties based on their interests when they open their hotmail account.

The solution only send email only to active accounts who accessed within the last 30 days. You can chose from many interests group such as Real Estate, Travel, Automobiles- just select from the list that suit your email campaign. Good ppint of using Hotmail Featured Offer is that the mail will reach your target audience for sure - no mail sent to junk mail (of course!). The high quality of subcribers is another advanatge of using Hotmail Featured Offer. You can personalized your messgae to specic interest groups matched with your cmapaign that leads to effciency of the campaign. Some disadvantages of the offer are that it is quite expensive and specific creative specifications must be followed such as contents, heading and size of the creative.